The Discovery Initiative

Who are we ?

Members of this Open-Science initiative are Engineers and Researchers from several institutions, each one bringing a particular expertise such as Software programming, Distributed Computing, Network, Security and Energy.

Building blocks (storage backends, AMQP bus)

Marin Bertier (Ass. Prof2), Cédric Tedeschi (Ass. Prof4), Genc Tato (Phd Candidate3), Jean-Francois Peltier(Research Eng.6), Ali Sanhaji (Research Eng.6).

VM Image management

Jad Darrous (PhD Candidate3), Gilles Fedak (Researcher3), Shadi Ibrahim (Researcher3), Lin Thuy NGuyen (BigStorage PhD Candidate3).

OpenStack deployment/reconfiguration

Helene Coullon (Ass. Prof1), Christian Perez (Researcher3), Dimitri Pertin (PostDoc3), Maverick Chardet (PhD Candidate3).

Network (neutron)

Abedlhadi Chari (Research Eng.6), Lucas Nussbaum (Ass. Prof7), Mathieu Rohon (Research Eng.6), David Espinel (PhD Candidate6).

Monitoring (Monasca)

Mohamed Abderrahim (PhD Canidate6), Karine Guillouard (Research Eng.6), Meryem Ouzzif (Research Eng.6).


Anne-Cecile Orgerie (Researcher4), Anthony Simonet (PostDoc up to June 2017 3), Ehsan Ahvar (PostDoc since June 20173).


Thierry Coupaye (Research Eng.6), Arnaud Diquelou (Research Eng.6), Bruno Donassolo (Reserach Eng.6), Frederic Desprez (Researcher3), Ilhem Fajjari (Reserach Eng.6), Adrien Lebre (Researcher3), Ye Xia (PhD candidate6).


Marc Lacoste (Research Eng.6), Mohammad-Mahdi Bazm (PhD Candidate6, Mario Sudholt (Prof. 1).


Xavier Jeannin (Research Eng.)8.


Ronan-Alexandre Cherrueau (Research Eng.3), Marie Delavergne (Research Eng.3), Alexandre Van Kempen (Research Eng.3), Javier Rojas Balderrama (Research Eng.3), Matthieu Simonin (Research Eng.3).

Contact us

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Former Contributors

Paolo Anedda, Ismael Figueroa, Flavien Quesnel, Ramon Nou, Francois Gael Ottogali, Jonathan Pastor, Etienne Riviere, Thomas Ropars, Jonathan Rouzaud-Cornabas, Gianluigi Zanetti ...