The Discovery Initiative

Who are we ?

Members of this Open-Science initiative are Engineers and Researchers from several institutions, each one bringing a particular expertise such as Software programming, Distributed Computing, Network, Security and Energy.

Building blocks (storage backends, AMQP bus)

Marin Bertier2, Cédric Tedeschi4, Genc Tato,3, Jean-Francois Peltier6, Ali Sanhaji6

VM Image management

Jad Darrous3, Gilles Fedak3, Shadi Ibrahim3

OpenStack deployment/reconfiguration

Helene Coullon1, Christian Perez 3, Dimitri Pertin3

Network (neutron)

Abedlhadi Chari6, Lucas Nussbaum7, Mathieu Rohon6

Monitoring (Monasca)

Mohamed Abderrahim6, Karine Guillouard6, Meryem Ouzzif6


Anne-Cecile Orgerie4, Anthony Simonet (up to June 2017), Ehsan Ahvar (since June 2017)3


Thierry Coupaye6, Arnaud Diquelou6, Bruno Donassolo 6, Frederic Desprez3, Ilhem Fajjari6, Jerome Gallard6, Adrien Lebre3, Ye Xia 6


Marc Lacoste6, Mohammad-Mahdi Bazm6, Mario Sudholt1


Xavier Jeannin8,


Ronan-Alexandre Cherrueau3, Matthieu Simonin 3

Contact us

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Former Contributors

Paolo Anedda, Ismael Figueroa, Flavien Quesnel, Ramon Nou, Francois Gael Ottogali, Jonathan Pastor, Etienne Riviere, Thomas Ropars, Jonathan Rouzaud-Cornabas, Gianluigi Zanetti ...