With the next OpenStack PTG in mind, we conducted a first gap analysis of the OpenStack code base with respect to the Edge Computing Challenges. The outputs of this brainstorming session, which has been organized with two folks from Ericsson, are:

  • The identification and classification of a couple of features we believe edge administrators/developers may expect. Concretely, we define 7 levels of features, from the simplest such as being able to start a VM on a specific location, to the most advanced ones, including the interoperability of different cloud stacks (OpenStack/Kubernetes/…).
  • An analysis of different deployment scenarios the OpenStack code base provides (cells, regions, federations…) w.r.t the aforementioned levels.

Obviously, this study is an ongoing action that should be refined with the expertise of additional folks, but at least we started it! Further information available at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/edge-gap-analysis.