• Adding compute at will

    The Inria’s Discovery initiative focus on challenges around the Edge. In this study, we deal with the challenge of adding/removing remote compute resources in an automatic manner.

  • What about network splits

    Living on the edge

  • Paper Have Been Accepted at Cloudcom 2018

    Scalability and Locality Awareness of Remote Procedure Calls: An Experimental Study in Edge Infrastructures

  • Evaluation of OpenStack Multi-Region Keystone Deployments

    OpenStack is the de facto open source solution for the management of cloud infrastructures and emerging solution for edge infrastructures (i.e., hundreds of geo-distributed micro Data Centers composed of dozens of servers interconnected through WAN links – from 10 to 300 ms of RTT – with intermittent connections and possible...

  • Two More Papers Have Been Accepted (CCGRID and ICFEC 2018)

    Towards Lazy and Locality-Aware Overlays for Decentralized Clouds

  • Gap Analysis of the OpenStack codebase w.r.t Edge Computing Challenges - A first step

    With the next OpenStack PTG in mind, we conducted a first gap analysis of the OpenStack code base with respect to the Edge Computing Challenges. The outputs of this brainstorming session, which has been organized with two folks from Ericsson, are: The identification and classification of a couple of features...

  • Make Reproducible Experimental-Driven Research Thanks to The EnoStack

    Experimental studies are an integral part of the Inria’s Discovery initiative as we strongly believe that the solutions we design have to be validated in practical contexts. However, designing, deploying and validating an experiment can quickly become a tedious and time-consuming endeavor, particularly when targeting large scale and real testbeds...

  • A POC of OpenStack Keystone over CockroachDB

    In the Inria’s Discovery initiative, we get in touch with CockroachLabs guys with an idea: make Keystone supports CockorachDB. So we give it a try and you can find a very first result on our GitHub. The GitHub project consists of a Vagrant file that spawns a VM with a...

  • Welcome to Didier Iscovery blog!

    We are proud to introduce you to Didier Iscovery blog, the voice of the people from the Discovery project embodied in this elegant blog. It will be chiefly talking about Massively Distributed Clouds, Fog and Edge Computing and all other topics around (with a particular focus on OpenStack). We are...

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